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DOPE Digest – Vol. 1: Spider-Man, Lana Del Rey, Wes Anderson…

So many wonderful things happen in pop culture each week, but only the best of the best make it into our weekly DOPE Digest. Syvology-approved goodness from wherever we find it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

BK: By now you’ve probably seen it, but it is definitely worth repeat viewing. The original Spider-Man movies with Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire gave us some of the best trailers of all-time, and two great movies to boot. Say what you will about Spiderman 3 (I so badly wanted it to be good, I almost convinced myself  this scene never happened), but damn it that movie had a great trailer. Unfortunately the trailer didn’t translate into a good film, but here we are seven years later and the web crawler has sucked me back in. I enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man, and this trailer promises they will up the ante. I’m excited to see  Jamie Foxx as a neon-blue Electro,  creep-extraordinaire Dean Dehaan topping the horrendous James Franco as Harry Osborn, and Emma Stone reprising her role as Gwen Stacy.  I don’t think I am getting ahead of myself when I say this will definitely be the best movie of 2014. Just like Spider-Man 3  in 2007.

Lana Del Rey’s short film Tropico

syvo: Described as a farewell to her Born to Die era, Lana Del Rey’s short film explores several themes key to her career: loss of innocence, powerlessness, and pop culture pantheon as contemporary theological construct (not to mention delightfully pretentious nods to Allen Ginsburg). Co-starring black albino model Shaun Ross and directed by former Del Rey collaborator Andy Mandler, this is a seedy and beautiful way to spend your next half hour.

Wes Anderson’s short film (presented by Prada…how fancy) Castello Cavalcanti

BK: Castello Cavalcanti starring Jason Schwartzman exemplifies what makes Wes Anderson’s full-length movies so appealing. The shots are stylish, the dialogue is quick and the jokes are both funny and adorable. The snobbishness associated with a brand like Prada and  a filmmaker like Anderson is impossible to ignore, but somehow the dueling veins of could-be pretentiousness seem complimentary in a viral ad like this instead of oppressive (at least after two viewings). For his part, Schwartzman is charming and lovable. The supporting cast doesn’t do much and doesn’t have to; it’s all about Wes in this one. And for the just-under eight minutes of this film he’s putting on a great show.

Ed Shearan – I See Fire (Kygo remix)

 BK: I’ll avoid the easy hobbit joke at Ed Sheeran’s expense (I know, we’re all thinking it), and instead focus on this excellent track off the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug soundtrack. I like both versions of this song, but the featured track is actually a remix by Norwegian-producer Kygo. He has a number of solid mixes of new wuss-pop tracks (though someone should tell him to leave classics like Sexual Healing and Jolene alone. It’s ridiculous), and therefor he’s quickly risen on my list of favorite Norwegian Producers. The original version of the song is also solid, but there is something extra bro-y about an Ed Sheeran remix that is too good to pass up. Plus, its a free download, so enjoy!

Rough Trade Records Brooklyn



BK: I hadn’t been excited about a new record store opening since they put an FYE in the University Mall back in 1998 (Vermont jokes… Classic!), but I was thrilled to hear that Rough Trade was coming to Brooklyn. I’ve been to the flagship store in London and discovered a few great albums there. The staff was well-informed and they had a wide-selection of CDs, merchandize, and vinyl (which is why I am sure they’ll do OK in Williamsburg). The new location is still under construction, but they plan to host live music, open a cafe, and also open a bar. There are already multiple ping-pong tables on the mezzanine which are free to play. I found the whole experience both nostalgic and new, and I even bought a CD. I wouldn’t recommend that though, as they still cost $15 each. Come on, CDs, get it together!


Dads – Pretty Good EP

syvo: When people talk about an emo revival, THIS is what they’re talking about. No joke. In 2012, Dads released American Radass (this is important), an incredible math-rocky record with wacked-out guitar tuning and songs about how racist jokes aren’t even funny, bro. This year, the New Jersey duo released Pretty Good, which you can buy through Bandcamp for a paltry  $3. The EP’s single, “My Crass Patch” (a snide reference to the British anarcho-punk band) is a darker, heavier turn for Dads, and I cannot stop listening to it. It’s brilliant. Plus, the drummer is the singer. That’s pretty cool.


DOPE THROWBACK: Enrique Iglesias – Be With You

BK: This will be a weekly feature to remind us of wonderful DOPE things from the past. I’ve had this song stuck in my head since I heard it in my local liquor store last week, and let me tell you, it gets better with age. Enrique has a lot of great songs (right??), but this one in particular  takes me back to the earliest of the aughts, when he still had the mole and had recently invented the beanie. Oh, those were the days.

See you next week.

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