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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Feminism of Demonic Possession Horror

At the Devil’s Door is the new movie from IFC Midnight, by writer/director Nicolas McCarthy. On its face, Devil’s Door delivers a skillfully atmospheric story of demonic possession, at once familiar and fresh in its narrative. The film benefits from McCarthy’s labored minimalism, trading graphic visuals for a sense of smooth, unyielding uneasiness. Tweet


  Hate It or Love It is an adversarial discussion of pop culture items with a view toward forming a critical synthesis. One of us hated it, one of us loved it. The truth is in between.      Hate It   syvo: Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s The Guest is as juvenile, senseless, and […]

Ryan Adams – A Brief Return for Rock ‘n Roll

  Ryan Adams released his self-titled 14th studio album on Tuesday, Sept. 9th. In 2004 I stumbled upon what I thought at the time was Ryan Adams’ debut album, Love is Hell (I was wrong – way wrong – it was actually his fifth studio album which is still crazy to even type). The first […]

Why The Rock is Wrong for Black Adam

When Dwayne Johnson, d/b/a The Rock, at long last revealed that yes, indeed, inevitably, he will be assuming the role of Black Adam in an upcoming DC comics film, it’s possible that I was the only person on the planet who was surprised. Tweet

All the Indie Ladies: Emerging Subcategories of Women in Indie Music

Until this point, my presence at Syvology has largely focused on my enduring enthusiasm for female pop superstars. However, my true specialization lies within another subgroup of musical acts, broadly defined as the “solo alternative female artist” or perhaps the colloquial “weird alt chick.” Tweet