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All the Indie Ladies: Emerging Subcategories of Women in Indie Music

Until this point, my presence at Syvology has largely focused on my enduring enthusiasm for female pop superstars. However, my true specialization lies within another subgroup of musical acts, broadly defined as the “solo alternative female artist” or perhaps the colloquial “weird alt chick.” Tweet

Sweet, Sweet Suffering: Agony and Ecstasy Through All Nine Hellraiser Films

Growing up, Hellraiser was always the most intriguing of the major horror franchises. Children of the 1990’s will join me in remembering quite well the fear and attraction associated with Pinhead’s visage, sitting temptingly on the shelves of Blockbuster and Easy Video. For kids or young adults just getting into the horror genre and perhaps […]

On Boyhood

I’ll get the review out of the way early, by way of a lite confession: I love most movies and Boyhood is no exception. It’s probably not great for a would-be critic and pop culture curator (icon??) like myself to be giddy every time I enter a theater, but it’s the truth. My mom says […]

Ain’t Nothing Like It: CMT’s Party Down South

For those of you who haven’t had the extreme pleasure of watching Party Down South, Season 1, let me begin by saying this is NOT your average reality show.  At first glance, PDS is nothing more than an exact replica of “Jersey Shore” relocated in Murrels Inlet, a quiet community within Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. […]

Ultraviolence and Lana Del Rey’s Sad Girl Aesthetic

The most fascinating and divisive pop icon of the last three years has just released what looks to be this year’s most interesting album. For a sophomore effort, Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence is remarkably confident in its sonic template, representing a sensible but conspicuously fresh artistic direction for her. Tweet

Only Lovers Left Alive and Jim Jarmusch’s Aural Aesthetic

The common cliché is that all actors want to direct, and all directors want to act. But legendary indie director Jim Jarmusch doesn’t want to act –he wants to rock. For decades, Jarmusch’s uncompromisingly independent filmmaking philosophy has inspired generations of radicalized film students, but music seems to be the man’s true passion. He has […]

The Case For (and Against) Matthew McConaughey

“Be the lean horse for the long ride. I figure I am in the third round of a fifteen round fight.” Matthew McConaughey, circa 2002 Last week, Matthew McConaughey shocked the world as he stood up to accept a Golden Globe for his role in Jean-Marc Vallée’s Dallas Buyers Club (2013). As the film’s leading […]

FILM REVIEW: Notes on Blindness

To say that film is an inherently visual medium is perhaps to state the obvious. It is rudimentary to the art of cinema that a filmmaker’s job is to show, not tell, the audience what is happening onscreen. This prioritization of visual cognition distinguishes film from other modes of storytelling, such as literature or song. […]

CHRISTMAS FILMS: a syvology roundtable discussion

With the holiday season in full effect this week, we wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts on everyone’s favorite seasonal genre: Christmas movies. White Christmas (1954) By Braden King In recent years, starting with the release of X-Men on DVD in 2000 and continuing with the parade of superhero movies that have followed, my […]

Wondering About Our New Wonder Woman

“In life women are strong. It should be the same on film.” -Gal Gadot Warner Bros. announced this week that Israeli model-turned-actor Gal Gadot is playing Diana Prince (Wonder Woman, that is!) in Zach Snyder’s upcoming Superman/Batman film. This is easily the biggest news we’ve heard regarding the project since the infamous casting of Ben Affleck as Bruce […]