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Podcast 2014.8.29 – MTV’s Video Music Awards

This week, syvo and Braden ponder and ruminate on that colossal cultural event known as the MTV Video Music Awards. Kardashians too.       Tweet

2014.8.11 – Robin Williams, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Lucy!

This week, the guys pay their respects to the late Robin Williams. They then discuss two of the worst movies of the summer, Luc Besson’s Lucy and the newest incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eventually coming to a pained conclusion on which one to recommend.       Tweet

2014.6.6 – Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, and St. Vincent!

  This week, syvo and Julia discuss this year’s albums from Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, and St. Vincent, the “dark indie mirror” to last year’s Pop Royal Rumble.         Tweet

2014.6.25 – Game of Thrones analysis, theory, and speculation!

  This week the guys join special guest Danny B to discuss season four of Game of Thrones, while engaging in rampant speculation, espousing wild theories, and debating whether they can support Stannis Baratheon. NOTE: None of us have read the books!       Tweet

2014.6.12 – Mad Men & X-Men!

This week, the guys discuss the recently concluded (half) season seven of AMC’s Mad Men, as well as the surprisingly enjoyable X-Men: Days of Future Past.       Tweet

4.10.2014 – Game of Thrones, Girls, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    This week, the guys fawn over the Game of Thrones season four premier (00:00), dissect the recently concluded season of HBO’s Girls (24:35), and talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, questioning whether the Marvel cinematic universe is becoming one of seriously diminishing returns (42:40).       Tweet

2014.3.17 – True Detective, Weird Fiction, and Existentialist Philosophy

  This week, Braden and Tom analyze HBO’s True Detective with a very special guest: Joe Syverson. The guys discuss weird fiction, ponder existential meaning, and argue over the show’s divisive finale.     Tweet

3.5.14 – Oscars Roundup and 2013 in Film

This week, we talk about what the Academy got wrong, what we got right, and our top ten favorite films other than those nominated for Best Picture.       Tweet

1.29.14 – Grammy Awards and 2013 in Music


12.9.13 – Grammy Nominations and Hunger Games: Catching Fire