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Sweet, Sweet Suffering: Agony and Ecstasy Through All Nine Hellraiser Films

Growing up, Hellraiser was always the most intriguing of the major horror franchises. Children of the 1990’s will join me in remembering quite well the fear and attraction associated with Pinhead’s visage, sitting temptingly on the shelves of Blockbuster and Easy Video. For kids or young adults just getting into the horror genre and perhaps […]

What The Contemporary Horror Film Has to Say – And What It Stopped Saying

    James Wan’s The Conjuring (2013) is the scariest movie of the year. It’s the scariest movie since Wan’s last effort Insidious (2010), which was the scariest movie since Ti West’s House of the Devil (2009), which was the scariest movie since Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers (2008), which was easily the scariest movie since Orin Peli’ Paranormal Activity (2007). While all of these […]