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2015 Academy Awards Editors’ Picks

The 87th’s Academy Awards is this Sunday, and we’re happy to bring you our 100% syvologistic Oscars predictions. As we reach the tail-end of awards season, it becomes easy to play the “jaded pop-culture afficianado” card and claim that the Oscars don’t matter. (This is true, but only insofar as Nothing Matters.) But as this […]

DOPE Digest Special Edition: 2014 Oscars Editors’ Picks

For film buffs, this Sunday is the Super Bowl. Sure, any movie freak worth his salt will tell you that Oscars aren’t everything. Even still, it’s undeniable that the Academy Awards ceremony, for all its problems and drawbacks, still commands significant pop-cultural prestige and significance. Yes, they mean nothing. But they also mean everything. Tweet

Oscar Isaac and Inside Llewyn Davis: the benefits of being snubbed

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) is one of the best films of the year and Oscar Isaac gives an incredible performance as the title character. He is responsible for carrying the emotional weight of the film while remaining unaffected and cynical on the surface. At times both painfully funny and tragically poignant, Isaac’s performance and the direction […]