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DOPE Digest vol. 28 – Savages, Neck Deep, The VVitch and more!

 DOPE Digest is a weekly roundup of pop culture miscellany, with succinct analysis from our contributors.   Savages – “Adore” Video Julia: This is my first favorite single of 2016, it is so great. The composition is basically perfect – it builds so dramatically, like the best Arcade Fire anthem – but is also super dark and coolly […]

DOPE Digest vol. 21 – Star Wars, Taylor Swift, Drake and MORE

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Trailer syvo: OK everyone, don’t eeeeeven front. This trailer had you pumped. Even if you think the “broadsword” lightsaber design is stupid (well, it kinda is), even if you’re one of those people with nothing to say about J.J. Abrams other than “lens-flare,” even if you were put off by […]

MUSIC REVIEW: Taylor Swift -1989

It would seem that the post-Gaga pop landscape has come to be characterized by a certain mediocrity, a plush inoffensiveness. Last Fall was dominated by the Miley-Gaga-Katy royal rumble of mainstreamed outrageousness, only to have Beyoncé retroactively deprive said matchup of any legitimate relevancy. With “Fancy” solidly (and mercifully) in the rearview, the only narrative we have […]

DOPE Digest – EMERGENCY Taylor Swift Edition

In this special EMERGENCY edition of DOPE Digest, the team weighs in on a particularly urgent cultural development…    Taylor Swift – “Shake it Off” Video syvo: The only thing truly interesting about this week’s new Taylor Swift song/video is how completely mundane it is. The song is OK, but not what I look for in […]